President Siad’s speech to the participants of the veterinary seminar in 1979

President Siad’s speech to the participants of the veterinary seminar in 1979

Your ministry is to be praised for organising this seminar.

This is an excellent initiative and I hope that you would organize similar seminars in the future because the exchange of ideas is a fundamental base for finding solutions for existing problems.

The Somalia Democratic Republic is determined to wage a fierce war against poverty, disease, and ignorance.

It is possible to win victory in this war by hard work, by the collective efforts of the people, and by mo-periments contradicting and material power.

The policy of our country must be based on collective work and on the rejection of any reactionary experiment contracting this policy.

For the sake of achieving the aims and objectives of the Revolution, there was no other alternative but to adopt the socialist system in our country, because socialism is based on justice, on the elimination of exploitation of man by man, on the adoption of the policy of planning for economic development and on the liberation of the popular masses from want and insecurity in the future.

It is a system that can enable people to achieve a better future.

The socialist system is the only one that guarantees the Somali people achieve welfare and general prosperity.

In our match along the socialist road, we will meet numerous difficulties and obstacles but we must be ready for all eventualities and surmount these difficulties and obstacles.

In order to serve the country and consolidate the national economy, you must work in accordance with the declared policy of the Revolution.

Animal resources are the fundamental base of our national economy and for this reason, the revolutionary regime will take all the steps and arrangements necessary for this sector because of its greate importance.

Workers in the Veterinary Services have the opportunity of being in constant contact with the popularative way so that popular circles may contribute to nation-building and socialism in Somalia


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